Our Restaurant

Copacabana is located in the heart of the fast-growing village of Port Chester, NY. For nearly a decade now, our traditional all-you-can meat parade, has become such popular choice amongst locals, that travelers and larger city residents now take the trip to experience the meat-fest (and salad bar, and side dishes, and everything else that keeps on coming until you tell your waiter you've had enough!).

With its vibrant orange walls, colorful napkins, and tropical drinks, Copacabana has set the tone to make all of its customers feel like they are, in fact, in Brazil. The meat parade, or Rodizio, is the most popular pick at our restaurant, nonethelesss other options are also available to those who would rather skip the never-ending meal and instead choose an entree.

The restaurant features two dining rooms, two bars, and a lounge. Different atmospheres are created in each of those areas, providing options of ambiances to our guests. From lively rooms filled with families, to private tables, and upbeat bar areas, Copacabana is sure to provide a great experience to all diners.